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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Last modified: 13.02.19

This privacy policy relates to COLLECTIVE Dublin Productions LTD (“COLLECTIVE”). COLLECTIVE is a film production company. The purpose of this document is to show how we process your information.

Information we collect from you:

The type of information we collect from you will be in relation to conducting business together, ie. COLLECTIVE doing video/photography work for you or COLLECTIVE hiring you to do work for us.

Such information will/may include; your name, address, email address(s), phone number(s), bank details for payments, details of contracts between us.


Your information is as secure as the platforms we use to store information.

Our email exchanges take place on gmail and are secured with passwords. We don’t share any of your information/emails with other third parties.

All our video/photography work is stored on Dropbox and Vimeo and is secured with passwords. We do not share work you have rendered from us with any other third parties. We may select some work to appear on our website and social media channels to promote our skills and services.

Changes to policy:

This policy may change in the future and the most current version will be posted on our website.


If you have any questions relating to this policy please email